DevOps Expertise

Accelerate your value delivery

We help companies adopt, improve, secure, and optimize DevOps culture, practices, and tooling in order to reduce time to value and improve software production throughput.

Defining DevOps

Optimize operations (and your organization)

DevOps is woven into all our areas of expertise as it focuses on optimizing all products and IT services. Ensuring cloud services and tools are engineered for security, quality, availability, and performance and in a predictable, repeatable, and traceable manner.

DevOps equals DevSecOps (to us)

Our DevOps practices have always addressed security from Day 1. Building and automating security into the solution is what allows teams to move faster than ever. When systems are logged, monitored, and secured, our clients can build quickly without increasing risk.

With our DevOps approach, clients harden their security posture, accelerate delivery, and meet compliance requirements.

What We Do

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
  • Logging, monitoring, alerting
  • Automated security testing and automated compliance testing
  • Pipeline performance optimization
  • Automated infrastructure cost management, tagging, reporting, and auditing
  • Platform Engineering
Trility team members working together

Reliable Outcomes

  • Increased ability to “own” the software, from development all the way to production, enabling rapid changes when needed
  • On-demand consistent, audited, and secured workflows
  • Access to secrets are codified, protected, and governed
  • Security enforced by identity that scales independently
  • A renewed focus on customer value, enabled by more frequent feedback loops
  • Reduced total cost of ownership of software
  • Reduced friction and increased cross-discipline collaboration
Trility helped jump-start our DevOps implementation by providing a validated configuration and toolset to enable us to move quickly to a modern and secure cloud implementation. Additionally, Trility provided training to our DevOps team which enabled the team to begin leveraging the platform.
– Andy Tomaszewski, Former CIO/CISO of VT iDirect

Project Experience | DevOps

Harden Infrastructure as Code: Terraform & Multi-Authentication

Trility was hired to expedite upgrades to Terraform to increase security and ensure parity across the enterprise. While completing this project, the team identified issues with the client’s authentication tool and was asked to implement the recommendations that resulted in cost savings and increased security posture.
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