From saving companies to building one – together

Go farther as a team

The idea of Trility Consulting® came from a small group of independent contractors who worked together at various points over the course of a decade. As they found clients with seemingly impossible projects, they kept calling on one other to join them on the contract.

This group always desired a deeper understanding for the business side of work. They weren’t interested in gigs where they were only asked to show up, log hours, and wait for the next ticket. They sought opportunities to connect what they did to business value.

One day, they realized, “We can keep doing what we're doing as independent contractors. Or we can slow down, be intentional, and go really far as a team.”

So they set out to find like-minded people. People steadfast in solving big and small problems with simplified solutions that automate when possible and never compromise on security.

Consistent outcomes for you means consistent growth for us

We grow because our team members want excellence for themselves and for our clients in every moment, on every engagement. Our revenue growth is a by-product of their pursuit of excellence and the outstanding clients we've had the privilege to serve across 15 industries.

In our first year of eligibility, we were named one of Inc. 5000's fasting-growing private companies. We are honored to have received this recognition again in 2023.

Inc 5000 America's fastest-growing private companies – Trility Consulting

Embracing servant leadership

Matthew Edwards, Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Edwards

Chief Executive Officer

Sets the vision for Trility’s journey and its team members – equipping all areas of the business to set the standard of trust with our clients and each other.

Brenton Rothchild, Chief Information Officer

Brenton Rothchild

Chief Information Officer

Ensures technology and implementation strategies result in adoptable, maintainable systems that align with clients’ business objectives and provide lasting value.

Brody Deren, Chief Strategy Officer

Brody Deren

Chief Strategy Officer

Advises our people and clients to ensure business value is aligned with the technology advancements we’ve promised to achieve for our clients.

Melissa Helm, Vice President of Finance

Melissa Helm

Vice President of Finance

Diligently aligns and optimizes financial processes to deliver value to our clients with our resources.

Nick Starck, Vice President of Client Success

Nick Starck

Vice President of Consulting Practices

Focuses on our client partnerships by ensuring we deliver with our clients through empowering and growing our consultants.

Our advantage is in our name


a combining form meaning “three,” used in the formation of compound words


competence in an activity; power or capacity to do or act; talents; special skills or aptitudes

A series of hexagons demonstrating a predictable, repeatable, and auditable pattern

Trility (trill-a-tee) represents three things we build into everything we do:


When you make an investment, it must perform in a predictable manner. Processes and systems operate as expected and when expected to ensure people move in the same direction.


To outperform year over year, every process must be repeatable and automated. Redundancies are eliminated, activities are streamlined, and everything becomes scalable.


Lastly, it’s measurable and traceable. A digital record is captured to reduce risk and effort to evidence compliance.

When we needed a team that could come in with practical solutions to our aggressive goals, we went with Trility because they offer predictable, repeatable software development processes that can scale to our needs.
– Jesse O'Neill-Oine | Former Vice President of Engineering & Founder of Samsung SmartThings

Our Vision

To set the standard of trust, partnership, and excellence with our clients and each other. 

Our Mission

We exist to be a trusted advisor to our clients, tackling their most important challenges, providing clarity and surety in their investment.

Our Values

We are driven and guided by the belief that each of us are...

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Lifelong Learners

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Honorable & Professional

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Proactive Problem-Solvers

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A Team

Foundation for Always Delivering