Secure, Scale Your Azure Adventure

Schedule a whiteboard session or presentation to position your company and team to create a secure, scalable path forward using Azure and Azure DevOps.

Rhonda O'Connor
August 31, 2023
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Any time a new application or system needs built and deployed to Azure, there are configuration requirements that must be set up for each environment. It isn't optional. When done manually by different developers or engineers, human error occurs and companies greatly increase security risks.  

Companies looking to invest in Azure’s public cloud can take advantage of Trility Consulting’s experience in helping clients move in a manner that ensures they can securely scale – and control costs – from Day 1 with our Azure Guidebook.

To learn more about the pitfalls and challenges the Trility Azure Guidebook helps companies avoid, read Automation that Every Enterprise Azure Cloud Platform Needs

Azure Guidebook Resources

Whiteboard Session (90 minutes)

Want to collaborate with one of Trility’s cloud architects to map out your custom Azure Guidebook? Schedule a complimentary 90-minute, no-strings-attached whiteboard session to start mapping out your Azure journey. 

During the session, you will gain insight into common challenges when moving to the cloud, explore what challenges could apply to your organization, potential constraints, and determine a starting point that allows iteration and ensures security.

Presentation (1 Hour)

Schedule a presentation for your team with a Senior Cloud Architect/Engineer who will share and answer questions on how your company can leverage this Azure Guidebook to build one of many automations to lower the cost of cloud adoption.

Need to make the case for automated environment setups?

We’ve calculated the return on investment a company would save in DevOps time by eliminating manual configurations when setting up environments. View Estimated DevOps Savings infographic and download a fillable form to calculate your own savings.