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Entire software delivery in one-stop

We help clients build full-stack, secure, enterprise-grade software applications for web and mobile interfaces.

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Innovate or modernize to go further, faster

Trility’s expertise and engagement models give you flexibility based upon your desired outcomes.

  • Build a product from scratch
  • Optimize performance and capability
  • Completely modernize a legacy system

What We Do

Our teams help you deliver software and products no matter where you are in the lifecycle.

  • Human-Centered User Experience Design (UX/UI)
  • Development of Proof of Concept (PoC)
  • Successful Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Launch
  • Discover and Develop Product Vision & Roadmaps
  • Develop and Engineer System Integrations and APIs
  • Modernize Applications
  • Engineer and Transform Data Pipelines and Solutions
  • Securely Engineer Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions
  • Effectively Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  • Design and Implement Cloud-Native Architecture
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Reliable Outcomes

Work with us to create innovative, secure applications and platforms that…

  • Achieve speed to market
  • Accelerate ROI
  • Engage and delight end-users
  • Reduce cost of acquisition and cost of ownership

Increase capacity with Test-Driven Development

By using Test-Driven Development whenever possible, our clients increase quality, accuracy, security, and capacity.

The diagram to the right demonstrates how Trility, through test-driven development, helped a client increase a team’s capacity to manage applications and maintain code libraries.

In 18 months, an eight-person team went from managing two applications to a four-person team managing 60+ applications and libraries.

Chart demonstrating that in 18 months, an eight-person team went from managing two applications to a four-person team managing 60+ applications and libraries.

Client Success


Rapidly Integrate IoT Products to Meet Global Security Standards

Trility helped SmartThings (now Samsung SmartThings) rapidly test and integrate smart devices and finalize integrations for 20+ IoT devices in order to meet global security requirements and achieve speed-to-market in an increasingly competitive industry. Its team members with the necessary expertise were located in various time zones which inhibited timely testing due to the nature of the work.


More than 20+ IoT devices were added to the ecosystem, including thermostats, switches, window and door sensors, LED and light bulbs, wall plugs and strips, range extenders, water sensors, motion sensors, smog sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, sirens, roller shutters, RGB controllers and more.

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Transform a Legacy Agricultural Product & Platform

This international company needed to transform and migrate a legacy product to the cloud to remain competitive and expand its customer base. Trility developed a cloud-based software platform that enabled the client to improve their products with access to real-time data.


The client gained control of their IoT future and leveraged real-time data to drive business growth due to additional customer features that allowed them to make data-driven decisions to ensure the best possible crop yield.

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[Trility] builds products and solutions for growth, as well as solving complex problems while building the proper architecture with ability to scale and move. Not only great professionals, they are just great people with a passion to build and win. I would recommend Trility to any company that needs a team of experts and have a desire to move quickly.
– Brett Worthington, Former Senior Vice President of Business Development of Frontdoor

Project Experience | Software Design & Development

B2B Claims Platform: Operationalizing Machine Learning

Trility helped a global company rapidly automate a B2B software platform and use machine learning to ensure its largest manufacturing customer could process claims through invoices or receipts in real time to incentivize purchases and cross-marketing opportunities to increase its market share.
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