Security by Design Approach

Transforming your business means doing it securely

As new products, tools, processes, and threats emerge, your response must evolve – and so does our methodology.

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Delivering secure applications

The objective of Security by Design is to incorporate checks and balances into every phase of the product development lifecycle as the primary cause of data breaches is software misconfiguration.

Trility helps clients accomplish this by having security professionals at every stage of the project. Our teams help implement a structured process for delivering secure applications and ensuring baseline controls exist.

Security is a priority from Day 1 and never ceases

Whatever outcome clients seek – modernizing, innovating, migrating – our teams ensure that security, compliance, and privacy requirements are analyzed, evaluated, documented, and prioritized throughout all phases.

Product Definition

During this phase, by integrating and identifying the following attributes of the products or systems, security and privacy are intentionally woven into the design.

  • Target Market and Product Needs
  • Product Requirements
  • System Security Plan Requirements

Product Engineering

Trility’s security professionals work with software developers, systems architects, and key stakeholders to make sure the solution has the appropriate controls. Based on the client’s needs and constraints, some of the automated security analysis tools and defined operational methods and controls we use to test and validate product security every day are listed below.

  • Test-Driven Development and Test-Driven Infrastructure
  • Pair Programming and Pull Requests
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Configuration Scanning
  • Penetration Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Policy as Code

Product Operations

Security does not stop at install. It must take place from the first sales call and throughout the customer’s life. Our teams help equip our clients to continue to assess new threats and vulnerabilities and respond appropriately to them as they emerge.

We practice some of these key tenants in this phase to help maintain security.

  • Single Prioritized Backlog
  • Product Breakout Meetings
  • Continuous Audit and Reporting
  • Continuous Delivery
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