Continuous Delivery Method

Delivering value early and often

Our Continuous Delivery Method is flexible so clients never get an “off-the-shelf” playbook, and they see value immediately.

Tech is easy, people are hard

Companies constantly need something new, innovative, and more efficient to remain relevant and competitive. This often disrupts the way people get work done inside the organization. This is where change can stall out.

It’s more than just software

Trility’s Continuous Delivery Method isn’t the same as Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (or CI/CD pipelines). It involves everyone – the client, stakeholders, and our technical and non-technical team members.

Frequent touchpoints to validate results

These conversations mean constantly reaffirming the highest priority and how it results in value for the client.

Invite Change

You don’t wait six months to see working software. You can see working, tested software every two weeks or at an iteration that works for you.

Adapt to Change

That means you are frequently asked if your priorities are still your priorities. If they’ve changed, we adapt and ensure value.

Validate Work

These two key aspects help us validate the backlog and work in progress is on track to deliver meaningful results.

Delivering with you, not to you

This method adapts agile principles in concert with your company and teams. We work with you to evolve from a baseline of the following attributes:

Constant collaboration

Working, tested, and demonstrable software through early and regular collaboration with clients to frequently invite and respond to change.

Security patterns that scale

Security surety is enabled through discovery, definition, and implementation of repeatable security design patterns.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

Build CI/CD pipelines on Day 1 to immediately enable clients to realize secure, predictable, repeatable, and auditable results that are translatable across the enterprise.

Everything as Code

Work in public, private, and hybrid cloud scenarios and for the purposes of traceability, security, simplicity, and efficiency, work towards implementing everything as code.
Fully equipped professional climbers descend down the snowy slope in sunny weather. One of the climbers points with a stick for tracking somewhere in the distance.

You don’t wait to realize value

You always have clarity for your project’s compliance, quality, financial spend, and percent complete with our outcome-based approach. On Day 1 and throughout, you can expect to…

  • Know security comes first
  • Make informed decisions based on observations
  • See timely, iterative progress
  • Have honest, insightful conversations
  • Understand project status the entire way
  • Always have options

Improve your team's performance