Establish Flow and Eliminate Waste

Book Matthew D Edwards to present about establishing flow through frequent feedback loops to eliminate wasted time and money.

Claire Damon
October 25, 2023

When teams deliver software in large batches, the ripples of change will likely be large. Possibly huge depending upon the client culture, complexity, and size of the batch. 

When software is delivered infrequently, the opportunities to learn if the right things have been done correctly, completely, and valuably happens too late in the timeline. 

Deliver Software Frequently

If a team makes one giant set of changes every three months, then stakeholders only have the opportunity to make a request, wait three months, hope everything is good, find out they need to make changes, and then wait another three months for the next version. 

If a team meets daily, then stakeholders have a daily opportunity to make requests, see the results and changes, and provide immediate feedback.

By delivering working software at regular intervals, the status of a project's compliance, quality, and financial spend are known. Every step of the way.

Use small batch sizes. Deliver frequently. Take big things and make them small.

Schedule this Talk

Are your teams struggling with confidence in each other, in the roadmap and goals, or in their ability to deliver value to stakeholders? Schedule this knowledge session with Matthew D Edwards, Trility CEO, who will discuss how to establish flow and eliminate waste and create confidence in the software produced.  

In this session, you’ll leave with a repeatable framework to estimate and operationalize a roadmap. You’ll be positioned to communicate and provide qualified, real-time data that equips your company to succeed.

About the Speaker

Through 30+ of experience in business and technology spanning multiple industries and countries, Matthew has had the privilege to work with amazing people on spectacular projects solving intriguing problems. And he’s found that no matter the company, context, or need, people are always the most outstanding aspect of every experience. 

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