Remote Work Maturity Model: Where is Your Company During Coronavirus Pandemic?

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Rhonda O'Connor
March 17, 2020

The Internet is full of tips for "remote workers." However, if you are a business leader who is responsible for enabling remote work, this Maturity Model can help you identify gaps you need to address and communicate timely decisions.

Where is your company?

This Remote Work Maturity Model includes these four areas: Policies, Technology, Secured Technology, and ultimately maintaining Operational Productivity.

Do you have policies and technology in place for a remote workforce?

Having Policies & Technology in Place

Having the appropriate policies and technology is the first step in the Remote Work Maturity Model. You have policies that outline expectations and required behaviors, and all or some of your team may have laptops or devices that allow them to work from anywhere. Many companies have not yet needed to solve either of these problems and have been caught off-guard with the immediacy of COVID-19 pandemic. If you have both, now is a good time provide clarity on those expectations through communication.

Remote Work Maturity Model
Do you have secured technology?

Ensuring Security Measures are in Place

Having a portion or all of your workforce operating remotely adds new attack vectors that your information security team needs to address. Depending on applications, networks, and other solutions you have in place, adjustments might need to be made to existing security solutions. You might even realize you need to implement stronger, more stringent security measures. And again, re-educating your workforce about phishing, physically securing their devices, and avoiding malicious websites is critical. 

It’s also a good time to confirm if you have tested, secured technology solutions in place to prevent attacks. Encrypted devices? Redundant network connections? VPN solutions? Secure cloud configuration? Traffic monitoring? Logging? Alerting?

Remote Work Maturity Model
Is leadership ready to maintain (even increase) operational productivity?

Keeping People Productive

Once you’ve confirmed policies and tested, secured technology solutions are in place, your focus is on maintaining the same level of operational productivity. Coordinating work and collaboration across teams, departments, and the entire organization presents an even greater challenge when dynamic changes occur this quickly. Teams must understand objectives, along with the necessary resources and collaboration tools to optimize engagement and productivity while working remotely. 

How you respond to the novel Coronavirus in keeping your team safe, productive, and secure, can serve as an experiment where your teams have the chance to discover new, more productive ways to work together.

Need Sound Advice Now?

The Trility team wants to equip you and your team to quickly adapt in order for your people to remain safe, productive, and secure.

Equipping you to keep people safe, productive, secure

We are a geographically distributed company with remote workers and clients located all over the United States and even internationally. As companies navigate these unprecedented times, we are offering “free-of-charge” conversations. If you need a sounding board for some of these gaps, we will do our best to connect you to the experts on our team.