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Create a repeatable, secured payment widget solution with resolved latency issues, streamlined deployments, and improved monitoring with Terraform.

Rhonda O'Connor
October 12, 2020

Confidential Client



This client had an existing payment application in production that needed additional features and integrations to enhance the customer experience and position them to generate additional revenue. It also desired recommendations for streamlining workflow for internal teams.

Priority one for the project was hardening security of the payment widget through various integrations. Priority two, if time allowed, was to learn what exists, observe how it is used, and provide recommended opportunities for increased efficiencies in the areas of version control, DevSecOps, and other key services.

Our way of doing business, no matter the contract language, is to share observations and provide options and recommendations.


The Trility team identified ways to re-engineer deployment processes that improved:

  • Performance due to latency issues
  • AWS deployment
  • Monitoring applications and systems and automating alerts  


The client received a working, tested integration between the payment widget and the chosen identity management solution, Apple Pay, Stripe, Magento 2.0, and the existing payment and wallet solution. In addition, our team identified ways to improve latency and speed up processes between the application and customers.

Trility ensured this client could immediately start working to improve or replace the payment widget itself or work on end-to-end automated testing after the engagement ended.

Reusable Patterns

The recommendations led to an extension to rewrite the backend code and re-engineer AWS deployment. This allowed the internal teams to hit the ground running for future application development and scalability by:

  • Reducing technical debt
  • Organizing code into reusable patterns
  • Reconfiguring AWS resources

Using Terraform, the backend can be iterated and all builds, deployments, and releases are automated – including documentation in the code and READMEs, PDFs, architectural drawings, and cross-training videos with the client developers.

Equipping your team for the future

Our teams help clients rethink their business strategy with HashiCorp and AWS. Whether it’s reducing technical debt with reusable code patterns or building infrastructure that enhances end-to-end automation, Trility seeks to equip your team for the future.