The Long Way Around the Barn

This podcast discusses industry challenges, goals, and available options to accomplish desired outcomes in today’s technology landscape including adoption, complexity, security, and privacy.

There is usually more than one way to achieve your goals. Sometimes, the path to the goal is longer than it needs to be because we are all challenged with similar things: We often see what we know or see what we want to see. 

In this podcast, we look for options and recommended courses of action to get you to your desired outcomes now. 

Recent Episodes

The Makings of Great Agile Coach

Damon Poole shares how coaching does help teams move faster and the qualities great coaches embody. For those interested in Agile and embracing its principles, Damon provides insight on how you can make a case for it with your teams and strengthen your professional (and personal) relationships.

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Future Proof End-to-End Encryption and Data Security

Paul Clayson shares how AgilePQ is solving a challenging problem now and an insurmountable one in our very near future with a security and encryption software solution that fits on all IoT devices – no matter how small.

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Success in Tech Entrepreneurship is One Tap Away

Multi-time tech entrepreneur Jesse O’Neill-Oine visits with Matthew D Edwards about his latest startup and reflects on what he’s learned on his journey to solving problems for people with a security-first mindset.

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Health Care Series

Episodes 1-6: Enabling Better Outcomes with Secured Technology & Best Practices

This podcast series focuses on how the health care and senior care industries are enabling more autonomous living opportunities for all ages while improving and expanding care in face of the exponential growth of the senior population. These industries face labor shortages and a strain on existing systems that must evolve and scale while meeting information security and privacy requirements.

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