The Long Way Around the Barn

This podcast discusses industry challenges, goals, and available options to accomplish desired outcomes in today’s technology landscape including adoption, complexity, security, and privacy.

There is usually more than one way to achieve your goals. Sometimes, the path to the goal is longer than it needs to be because we are all challenged with similar things: We often see what we know or see what we want to see. 

In this podcast, we look for options and recommended courses of action to get you to your desired outcomes now. 

Senior Care & Senior Living Industry Series: Remote Monitoring, Management, Security, and Privacy

In this series, our guests focus on key considerations for the senior living and healthcare industry when adopting the coolest new connected things solutions. We’ll cover how to enable more autonomous living opportunities for seniors so healthcare professionals, seniors, and their family members can trust the reliability, security, and privacy of these solutions.

Part I: IoT Devices, Data, and Exploitation

In our first episode, Xavier D. Johnson, Founder of Enterprise Offensive Security, and Nicholas Starke, Ethical Hacker & Threat Researcher, join us to addresses critical factors when purchasing monitoring devices, securely storing, moving, and using the collected data that is exponentially accumulating, and how to mitigate the exploitation of these systems. Read full episode details and the episode transcript.

Part II: Putting Together Information Security and Privacy Plans That Matter

In the second episode of the series, Nathan Gibson, Chief Security Architect and Director of Enterprise Security Architecture at Allstate, and Rebecca Herold, CEO of The Privacy Professor and Privacy Security Brainiacs, join Matthew D Edwards discuss how to ensure effective plans that truly secure data and protect privacy – and your reputation. Read full episode details and the episode transcript.

Stay tuned for future installments when we speak with industry experts in health and senior care, senior living, and assisted living.