Increase Market Share with Critical Software Enhancements

Trility helped this client transition from an existing vendor while providing software enhancements and a demo environment to increase market share.

Rhonda O'Connor
September 15, 2020

Confidential Client



This client needed enhancements made to its existing software to retain clients and increase market share. Trility was able to complete the enhancements and pivot to high priority needs identified by the company. Key outcomes included:

  • Increased capabilities, client retention, and sales enablement
  • Reduced interruptions to services
  • Control over digital destiny by avoiding vendor lock-in
  • Met schedule and budget requirements
Our compliance services company is better positioned to market its services since engaging with Trility. An added benefit is we now have control of our "digital destiny" as they also helped us achieve a smooth transition to ownership of our accounts, services, and tools.
– President & CEO

Software Enhancements


Their Software as a Service (SaaS) required necessary features to maintain its client base and adapt to grow market share. The team also needed insight into transitioning from using its existing consulting firm and taking ownership of necessary third-party accounts and tools (cloud provider, Github, etc.) in order to have the flexibility with future vendors.

"The amount of development Trility accomplished in the three weeks was incredible compared to our previous experience," shared the company president. "While their hourly rate might be more than other firms, they are actually a better value because they are efficient, thorough, and accurate in their work. They get it done fast and right, which was essential to our company."


  • Added critical features to the software based on the priorities set by the client
  • Transitioned ownership of accounts and tools without interruption to customers


  • Retained clients with added features
  • Achieved long-term control of digital assets 
  • Flexibility to contract with other firms

Demo Environment Configuration


The company needed a separate, fully functioning, demonstration site to optimally support sales and client training.


  • Completed feature enhancements 
  • Created realistic demo environment with meaningful data for both smaller and larger account types

"Through the weekly sprints and reports, I always knew the status of the project. I could easily see what work was completed, what was planned for the following week – all while giving me time to review and prepare to bring up issues and make necessary adjustments during weekly meetings," shared the company president.


  • Added capabilities for customer retention
  • Improved productivity for sales team
  • Achieved the ability to show capabilities by customer segments
  • Completed 13 days early
Our compliance services company doesn’t require a full-time developer, so Trility is able to bring the right expertise for our evolving needs. With each project, Trility has provided us with responsive, qualified team members. And while we are a smaller client to Trility, they have always made us feel equally important.
– President & CEO

Technology Stack

Trility continues to work with this client to help improve features and services to its customers using Amazon Web Services: EC2, S3, ECS, ECR, and more, and HashiCorp Terraform.

Full-stack capabilities to scale growth

Our team's expertise spans the entire stack to help clients rethink their business strategy in the cloud. Whether it's product design and development or cloud architecture and infrastructure to support long-term automation with security and compliance built-in, Trility can provide the resources to scale business and claim your share of the market.