FIRST Robotics and Giving Back

Trility sponsors West Central Valley High School's Robotics Team 4646 as they head to a competition.

Matthew D Edwards
March 11, 2019

None of us are getting any younger. And to see the type of people, teams, companies and world in which we want to live today and in the future, we have to give back to communities and people in a way that positively influences generations after us. No matter how big or small, taking the time to help others matters.

Trility Consulting is proud to sponsor Des Moines, Iowa area Team 4646 ASAP as they head to Grand Forks, North Dakota this week to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition! FIRST Robotics teams this year are building robots to compete with this year's challenge DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE presented by The Boeing Company.

Teams that choose to compete in the FIRST competitions are given a six-week time limit to design, build, and program industrial size robots to play a field game against other teams. In addition to the building the robot, teams raise funds, design a team brand, develop engineering, business, and marketing skills working with volunteer mentors. In essence, young folks are learning how to create a working product, make time-based decisions and build an operational model which will serve them well as they figure out how to make their mark on this world through the years.

And Trility Consulting is additionally working with other Robotics teams in the area as well. Eric Gerling, Trility's CTO, actively volunteers with the West Central Valley High School Robotics Team each year. Known as The Breakfast Club, the WCV Robotics Team competes in the FIRST Tech Challenge and completed their most recent season last December 2018.

While we're all busy pursuing our careers, working to make money and improve the lives of ourselves and our families, don't forget to take the time to think about the people that come after us. It takes much less effort than you imagine to be an encouraging teammate, coach, teacher or friend. And while the time investment may seem big to you, the return on investment in the life of one young person could very easily be a lifetime of success and opportunity.