What we do

Trility is a digital business consulting firm that helps clients achieve predictable, repeatable, and auditable results. Our clients are looking for smart ways to defend or extend their market share in the digital economy of today.

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    Cloud & Infrastructure

    Build it to scale with reusable patterns and processes to optimize every line of code.
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    Data Strategy

    Unlock data silos and data prisons to inform strategy and decisions across your business.
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    Product Design & Development

    Create innovative, secure applications, software, platforms, and more.
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    Operational Modernization

    Streamline everything and anything to outperform in the digital economy.
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    Connected Things

    Make products and services talk to the physical world quickly and securely.
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    Information Security

    Become change-ready to face evolving data privacy and compliance challenges.

What you can expect

Technology is easy. People are hard.

Innovation disrupts processes and people, so it’s important your team is along for the ride or prepared for the next phase. With a people-first and purpose-driven approach, you can expect to…

  • Know security comes first.
  • Make informed decisions based on observations.
  • See timely, iterative progress.
  • Have honest, insightful conversations.
  • Understand project status the entire way.
  • Always have options.

Define done from the start.

This means we seek to understand what a successful outcome looks like and why it matters. Not just for each objective facing you right now but for the desired outcome.

“When people understand why something matters, not just what, they treat each step of the journey as if it were their own.”

  • Build agile behaviors.

    You choose: We can work with your teams or execute on our own and provide a seamless handoff to your people – preparing them for what’s next.

  • Lead, coach by doing.

    To ensure future-state skills are developed, we lead, coach, and execute simultaneously when we build with your team.

  • Solve problems pragmatically.

    Questioning everything in order to discover the most pragmatic path forward allows us to build predictable, repeatable, auditable solutions.

  • Achieve reusable patterns.

    Your team has reusable patterns ready for the next iteration or evolution – big or small, easy or complex.

“ShowPal’s business was dependent on cloud-based, API dependent software that supported our need for integration as we grew our business. Trility came highly recommended and they did not let us down. After the handoff, we experienced an easy to understand platform that we can build on for years to come.”

Defining digital transformation

Digital transformation means many things and is often described through questions. Whether you need an iteration, a pivot, or a brand new process or system, our answer to these types of questions is always, YES.

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    Can you take all my existing stuff and…

    • upgrade it to current technology?
    • automate it to create predictable, repeatable, and auditable results?
    • simplify it so I have less complexity and cost to manage, measure, and protect?
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    Can you take data from my existing disconnected systems and consolidate it all down to one common data format, one view, and one message?

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    Can you work with my existing teams and guide new skills adoption so they, too, can come along for our digital transformation?

How can we get you there faster, again and again?

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