Trility’s Move Supports Continued Growth in Modern, Dynamic Space

Trility’s leadership started the search last fall and found their new home inside NCMIC’s modern, dynamic headquarters in Clive, Iowa.

Rhonda O'Connor
May 4, 2020

A small group of business, delivery, and software systems engineers who enjoyed working together formalized their on-again, off-again contractual status three years ago when Trilty Consulting first opened its doors. Their expertise at helping companies build secure, scalable, and highly performant software systems with a security-by-design mindset and a strike team delivery model has led to continued growth – necessitating a new home to support their long-term plans.

“We have always had national clients with international footprints, so we've always had geographically distributed teams who live anywhere and work anywhere,” shared CEO Matthew D. Edwards. “We decided it was time to move into a space that enables more opportunities for meetings, training, events, and client-partner collaboration."

While the timing may appear odd in light of current events, Trility’s leadership started the search last fall and found their new home inside NCMIC’s modern, dynamic headquarters located on 15 beautiful acres in Clive, Iowa.

New Address

14001 University Ave., Suite 300, Clive, IA 50325

Safely (and Securely) Maintaining Business 

While local team members regularly come to the office, Trility's way of doing business is to work securely where needed. Now, they are also focused on doing it safely. This means teams are working remotely during this pandemic and will continue to do so until the new location is scheduled to reopen on June 1.

“The new space allows for more social distancing to ensure the safety of our team,” Edwards shared. “We look forward to the day when we can host an open house with our clients, friends, and family.” 

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Highly Available, Reliable Systems

Cloud security and reliability are a No. 1 priority to Trility. They are focused more than ever on helping companies securely enable a remote workforce long-term through cloud adoption or on-premise solutions.

With the majority of breaches in 2019 due to cloud storage misconfigurations, teams continue to be diligent and never compromise when it comes to security.

About Trility

Composed of technologists and business consultants, Trility helps organizations of all sizes by providing outcome-based solution delivery. Clients appreciate that our teams solve problems contextually and bring their people along to ensure a reduced cost of ownership long after the engagement is done. Trility is headquartered in Central Iowa, and our people are geographically distributed. Giving our people autonomy to live anywhere and work anywhere allows us to serve clients from all corners of the United States and globally.