A History of Making Life Easier

Our new Solutions Director has a history of solving problems contextually – making him an ideal collaborator for clients and project teams.

Rhonda O'Connor
May 3, 2021

Ryan Skarin makes life easier. This was the common thread when asked about his past roles in the technology industry. This innate ability makes him the ideal Solutions Director for Trility Consulting as a large part of his role is identifying challenges and crafting technology solutions. With clients facing constant change, capturing, protecting, and growing market share requires innovative technology that allows for speed and agility.

His journey has always been to help those around him. One of Skarin’s first programming jobs was writing software to speed up the manufacturing process. He saw the need to teach the industrial engineers how to code so the whole team could support the outcome. When his father asked him to join his real estate appraisal company and help him, Skarin answered yes. Eventually, Skarin’s journey took him back to programming where he worked for Staples and he took pride in building, among many other solutions,  a simple, streamlined web-based tool that solved some frequent and frustrating ordering process problems – essentially building an easy button for the office supply store that sold itself as the well-known red “ easy” button. 

Skarin shared one aspect that must always be considered. “When we define a solution, we also have to understand how it’s viable for the business and enjoyable for the users and sustainable for the client’s IT group to own."

Adding that a common dilemma that he always aims to avoid: An excellent solution is crafted for the users, but might be difficult to fit into the existing IT landscape. Or IT can maintain it, but it causes the users undue friction. “It’s easy to solve the direct problem a client asks you to solve, but it takes a great deal of context to provide solutions that work long-term for everyone,” he said.

Ryan’s experience spans multiple industries and from startups to large corporations. This exposed him to a diversity of problems, and allows him to more quickly connect the dots and do it contextually to better serve our client's desired outcomes.
– Brody Deren / Chief Strategy Officer

Skarin’s desire to grow and help others aligns with Trility’s core values and outcome-based delivery method. “He’s already bringing observations, recommendations, and options to ensure our teams achieve the best, highest-priority outcome,” Deren added. 

Need something made easy?

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