Part II and III: Exploring Human-Centric Transformation

An infographic from Part II and III of a podcast series that provides key actions for designing everything around the human experience and moving to a simple flow-based experience.

Rhonda O'Connor
June 22, 2020

Podcast Companion Infographic

Bâton Global and Trility Consulting® teamed up to discuss how data and technology supports the transition towards a distributed workforce in a series of podcasts, particularly during and post- COVID-19.

The infographic below provides key actions shared in Part II and III, which focus on designing everything around the human experience and addressing the areas with friction in moving to a simple flow-based experience.

As teams work remotely and customer experiences shift even more quickly to on-demand, digital experiences. Key challenges include: casting a vision everyone understands, measuring performance and operational health, finding and using correct and complete data, developing a virtualization strategy, and ensuring personal safety and information security.

Listen to the Series

Part I

Join Kavi Chawla, Wade Britt, and Matthew D. Edwards as they discuss how this industry can address transformation aimed at simplifying and automating processes for team members, stakeholders, and ultimately customers by protecting their most valuable asset – people.

Part II

The second episode further uncovers the idea of flow, the necessity of performance metrics that measure throughput, qualitative experience, and humanistic value, as well as the subsequent implications on organizational culture and data management. 

Part III

The episode further considers the concept of managing data in a virtual world, ways that companies like Uber are guiding trends in customer experience, and the ensuing implications on the virtual workplace and data management. 

Part IV

In the final episode, you'll hear how leading financial services organizations are meeting these challenges head-on and positioning their teams for success. Featuring Amy Hunold-Van Gundy, Head of Talent Management at Principal Financial Group and Brad Rasmussen, CIO at Merchants Bonding Company along with Kavi Chawla, Wade Britt, and our own Matthew Edwards.