Delivering What People Want

Book Matthew D Edwards to present on how transparent communication and iteration loops can enable teams to deliver what people want.

Claire Damon
September 13, 2023

When organizations ask for time, scope, and budget, they also want surety, transparency, authenticity, reliability, and a trusted partner that delivers value. These things are implied but often go unspoken, according to Matthew D Edwards, Trility CEO. 

Through decades of consulting work, Edwards has learned that “Technology is easy. People are hard.” That is because people dislike ambiguity and struggle to navigate it with confidence. But this is a skill that can be learned and fostered through a culture of transparent iteration. 

Schedule this Talk

Are your teams struggling to navigate complex ambiguity and create a project plan that delivers what stakeholders want? Schedule this presentation for your team or upcoming event with Matthew D Edwards, who will share advice and answer questions on how your company validates it’s building the right thing and solves your company's high-consequence problems.

During this session, you will discover that while it is impossible to know what the final outcome will look like at the beginning of a project, it is possible for entire teams to start at square one with confidence about achieving goals when they have multiple opportunities to iterate along the way. 

Four Keys to Delivering Value

According to Edwards, there are four keys to delivering value that all people could benefit from, and during this talk, he dives deeper into each of them and what success looks like in practice.  

  1. Define the problem and goal then re-validate them frequently and iteratively. 
  2.  Provide transparent estimation and refactor iteratively.
  3.  Proactively set and manage expectations iteratively. 
  4.  Invite feedback and change. 

About the Speaker

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