A Data & Insights Focused Partnership Measured by Client Value

Midwest-based consultants, Previsant and Trility, identified complementary areas of expertise and are partnering to better serve clients at every stage of their data journey.

Claire Damon
September 7, 2023

Trility Consulting® and Previsant have forged a partnership to benefit clients with their combined expertise. Previsant enables modern data and analytics ecosystems for its clients by providing data structure, usage, maturity strategies, and roadmaps, while Trility teams have a proven record of implementing these strategies.

The Previsant team focuses on creating value from data and analytics by aligning to their client’s strategic direction, defining insights that impact value chain, and enabling execution across people, process and technology. The Previsant approach enables a data-driven culture, which ultimately enables a sustainable ecosystem that creates ongoing value for the company and its clients.   
– Melissa Creger, Trility Manager of Channel Partnerships

Organizations experiencing a gap between business-driven goals and supporting data ecosystems can turn to Previsant and Trility for an actionable, cohesive strategy and approach to delivering modern, cloud-enabled data and analytics capabilities.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Trility is composed of senior-level software engineers who have expertise in configuring, implementing, and deploying cloud-focused data projects, while Previsant brings expertise in data strategy, enablement, advisory, and architecture to the partnership 

Previsant focuses on creating a trusted advisor relationship with our clients. Our success is measured in client value created and depth of client relationships. Trility embraces this core philosophy as well, so a partnership was an easy “yes.” We also share a common belief that a modern, cloud-enabled approach is key to optimizing value from Data & Analytics. 
– Doug Ramsey, Previsant Founder and CEO

Access to Trility’s and Previsant’s combined organizational expertise brings key advantages:  

  • A holistic data and analytics approach, from vision to value across people, process and technology 
  • Identifying modern data and analytics architectural patterns  
  • Building automated pipelines to collect and structure the data across the organization
  • The ability to ephemerally scale and perform accordingly
  • Enabling real-time analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities 

“Our companies’ service offerings aren’t the only things that complement each other, Trility and Previsant share a customer-centric approach and are value-aligned, setting the stage for an excellent foundation for this partnership,” shared Brody Deren, Trility's Chief Strategy Officer. 

About Previsant

Previsant is a boutique data and analytics consulting firm based in Omaha, NE, that believes data and analytics should be aligned to and built around business strategy and outcomes. Their focus is enabling business-driven, modern data and analytics ecosystems that drive sustainable economic value, across people, processes, and technology. They accomplishes this by leveraging their strategic consulting, Insights & AI as a Service platform, and ongoing mentoring and advisory services. Learn more at previsant.com.

About Trility

Trility Consulting® is a fast-growing business and technology consulting firm that helps mid-market to enterprise-sized companies define, design, and deliver custom solutions that solve high-consequence problems for their businesses. Trility is headquartered in Central Iowa, and our U.S.-based team is geographically distributed. Giving our people autonomy to live anywhere and work anywhere allows us to serve clients from all corners of the United States and globally.