Curiosity as a Basis for Solving Problems

Our newest Director of Business Development located in St. Louis, Kevin Kozlowski, practices curiosity over judgment to lend a helping hand.

Claire Damon
November 8, 2022

To Kevin Kozlowski, being a good neighbor is about more than how you treat those close to you – it's a life philosophy. Kevin goes out of his way to lend a helping hand, values curiosity when meeting a new person or problem, and understands the importance of laughter and humor. Even if it’s just a bad dad joke.

“There is always a way to solve challenging problems with a team. As a passionate servant leader, I have found it best to do this by lighting a fire within them rather than lighting one under them,” shared Kozlowski, who has sold and delivered technology solutions for over two decades. Recently, he helped a large insurance company strategize and redesign its website and mobile app with a focus on self service. The goal was to reduce call center traffic to allow agents to grow their business instead of answering operational questions from their customers.

I have found it best to do this by lighting a fire within them rather than lighting one under them.
– Kevin Kozlowski, Director of Business Development

"Kevin's history of helping lead teams through a variety of changes and challenges, identifying value-added solutions to pressing problems, and approaching his personal and professional life with a genuine desire to help makes him a great fit for the Trility team,” shared Brody Deren, Chief Strategy Officer. “We are excited to have his presence in St. Louis as we continue to serve clients across the country.”

Having both sold and delivered transformative digital solutions gives Kevin a unique perspective to support clients in his new role with Trility. Our outcome-based delivery method means clients receive observations, recommendations, and options to iterate for the best, highest-priority outcome. Kozlowski will help build upon this proven approach and ensure we continue to deliver over and over again on our promises – meeting time, budget, and scope that aligns with business and technical requirements.

Interested in joining Trility, email or connect with Kevin Kozlowski on LinkedIn.  

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