Vault Enterprise Upgrade & Implementation

Trility helped this client leverage the features and functionality of Vault Enterprise through an upgrade and implementation where Trility's team worked with the client’s team members to ensure a seamless handoff and viable long-term maintenance and adoption of the HashiCorp product.

Problem Statement

Trility has successfully completed previous engagements with this client to assist in the development and evolution of an enterprise cloud security framework. In addition, we helped select and implement HashiCorp Vault Enterprise for storing and managing secrets.

Due to attrition, this client had limited capacity to leverage the expanded features and functionality in order to improve security and performance, including more complex requests and managing types and classifications of secrets.

Solution Approach

Trility provided recommendations for the complexity of the Vault Enterprise implementation to enable successful team adoption and management, as well as scalability and performance due to vertical and horizontal growth.

The client also determined it needed a standalone, automated continuous delivery pipeline for Vault Enterprise that also performed a tier above Terraform Enterprise. The existing implementation was working in parallel and needed several upgrades before the data could be migrated to the new solution for minimal disruption.

Due to the complexity of the project and the existing team’s capacity and limited experience with Vault Enterprise, Trility was invited back to assist in deploying the new pipeline and develop procedures for upgrades and management of the tool, including training and documentation for a seamless handoff to the client’s team. 


By planning for the project exit, Trility built the solution with input from the team responsible to ensure they were positioned the team to maintain and customize the solution for future needs. Training and documentation were also a part of the project to allow the team to increase automation and scale for current usage and across multi-regions long-term.

A standalone, automated continuous delivery pipeline that:

  • Performed a tier above Terraform Enterprise (TFE)

  • Included dynamic credentials 

  • Closed the compliance gaps with internal cloud security framework standards

  • Achieved four-nines availability (99.99%) including a disaster recovery process using performance clusters

  • Allowed for minimal disruption to service as the work was completed during outage windows

  • Met schedule and budget requirements

Project Attributes

  • Reduced COA
  • Reduced COO
  • Reduced Technical Debt
  • Reduced Risk
  • Accelerate Delivery
  • Increased Uptime
  • Increased Scalability
  • Reusable Patterns
  • Increased Security
  • Documentation
  • Learning Sessions
  • Paired Programming
  • Videos

Technologies Used

  • Vault Enterprise
  • Terraform Enterprise

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