Software Design & Development

Tax Enhancement Project

Trility helped a growing retail company increase the efficiency and accuracy in managing tax data and processes with a web application that supports scalable growth into new markets, provides real-time reporting, and improves visibility for all areas of the business.

Problem Statement

This client’s legacy applications and supporting processes were resulting in errors on how items were taxed due to their steady, long-term growth into new markets and states, and evolving sales tax laws.

Solution Approach

Created a single source of truth for sales item tax and tax categories to provide business users the ability to modify, update, and add new automated processes which:

  • Ensure items are taxed appropriately

  • Reduce workload for both corporate and field-level users

  • Reduce issues with state tax audits


  • Improved process and tax understanding at all levels of business

  • Easy-to-use web application, enabling improved visibility, control, and real-time reporting 

  • Reduction in mistakes and potential fines, which had historically been accumulating at more than $1MM annually.

  • Reduced COO (~more than $100k/year)

Project Attributes

  • Reduced COO
  • Reduced Risk
  • Increased Automation
  • Increased Capabilities
  • Documentation
  • Paired Programming

Technologies Used

  • Kotlin
  • React
  • Google Cloud
  • Kubernetes
  • Helm
  • Spring Boot
  • Redux
  • Next.js
  • HapiJS
  • Debezium
  • BigQuery
  • Redis
  • Jest
  • Enzyme
  • Cypress
  • Kotest
  • Caffeine
  • Terraform Enterprise

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