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Roadside Asset Solution Workflow Management Design

A global manufacturer needed a series of interface designs to successfully launch a cloud-based Connected Things platform for the transportation industry. Trility helped identify and design additional screens, navigation, and workflows to streamline end-user experience – including providing instructions for next-step activities.

Problem Statement

A leading global manufacturer had developed a cloud-based Connected Things platform that aggregates data from a variety of roadside assets. As it was preparing to launch the first of many products, the development team needed a series of interface designs for event triggers and workflows, such as the asset has been damaged, low battery, or lost connection.

Trility had previously helped this client develop a reusable UI/UX design pattern for visual reporting and alerts that also aligned and expanded its brand and style guide for the platform. The developers had technical designs from the product team and required support in developing the interface for managing the user workflow.

Solution Approach

Using the technical designs and collaborating with the development team and product stakeholders, Trility designed static mockups, Adobe XD files, Adobe XD prototypes, and the related assets.

Early into the project, the team identified where an additional screen would improve the workflow and required navigation adjustments.


The development was able to move forward with the additional workflows to the product. Other outcomes included:

  • Increased understanding with videos documenting the workflow for the static designs and navigation.

  • Scalable path for adding new products due to the interface aligning with existing design patterns and the creation of new ones.

  • With input from Trility, the client achieved an interface that provided prompts in the application as well as physical next-step activities for the user to take based on the event.

Project Attributes

  • Accelerate Delivery
  • Increased Scalability
  • Reusable Patterns
  • Documentation
  • Videos

Technologies Used

  • Adobe XD

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