Software Design & Development

B2B Mobile Application for Order & Warranty Management

This manufacturer needed to securely launch a B2B greenfield mobile app highly focused on its customers. Trility helped the client design and develop a cloud-based app with self-service capabilities for contractors to create, manage, and track orders, while also scaling and integrating with existing systems.

Problem Statement

To remain an industry leader, this 90-year-old company sought to streamline the buyer’s journey for their most valuable customers, the contractors and builders who purchase and install the construction products it manufactures. By developing custom software, the manufacturer desired to help customers manage projects and better address supply chain challenges, a tight labor market, and material shortages.

One key area with high friction was order tracking to allow contractors to manage scheduling and installation for timely completion of projects, as well as facilitating warranty and replacement issues.

PROOF POINT: The client reduced API time to production from 6-8 weeks to 15 minutes by leveraging CI/CD in development builds. This reduced wait times, context switching, friction with the development teams, and lowers the ongoing cost of acquisition.

Solution Approach

Trility supported this client with a technical team to equip the client’s team and stakeholders with the necessary skills and practices to develop a quality product and meet speed-to-market goals, while allowing the client to control and maintain the solution. 

By working alongside the client, the Trility team helped ensure the right high-value features were delivered for MVP. The client had previously conducted user experience research (UX) to understand the B2B customer journey, engagement friction points, and built a data-backed and prioritized backlog of 40+ epics. The integrated team comprised of Trility and the client’s team members built a customer-focused app using an agile approach, test-driven development, and secure CI/CD pipelines. The client’s solution also included:

  • Design of UX wireframes and user interfaces for all facets of the builder/contractor customer experience 

  • New APIs,  testing patterns, and event-driven architecture

  • Secure integration with other back-end and legacy systems


The integrated team built a mobile application that ensured intuitive navigation by the contractors and improved the ease of doing business, resulting in an increase in customer loyalty and driving additional revenue to the manufacturer and its distributed sales and fulfillment centers across the country.

The solution prioritized a foundation of core capabilities to scale and optimize future solutions for other areas of business as well. Other outcomes achieved:

  • Set-up verification, end-user registration, and portal login for self-service account and order management that provides visibility to order details and status. 

  • Simplified and accelerated processes for contractors to procure relevant products to their business and geographic location with more autonomy by giving insights and improved engagement with sales representatives and fulfillment centers.  

  • Automated customer service aspects for contractors to easily submit feedback or service ticket inquiries on warranties and parts – reducing time and manual processes for resolving issues.

Project Attributes

  • Reduced COO
  • Reduced Technical Debt
  • Accelerate Delivery
  • Increased Automation
  • Increased Scalability
  • Reusable Patterns
  • Increased Capabilities
  • Increased Security
  • Documentation
  • Learning Sessions
  • Paired Programming

Technologies Used

  • Apollo
  • React Native
  • GraphQL
  • Okta
  • ESLint
  • Jest
  • Detox
  • GitHub
  • Microsoft App Center
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • Rust
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
  • AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  • AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS)
  • Docker
  • Terraform

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