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Data Maturity to Secure & Modernize the Enterprise

Trility helped an insurance company accelerate the execution of its Strategic Roadmap. This project laid the foundation for implementing secure and modern systems with a centralized data solution that provides visibility when rolling out new applications and systems.

Problem Statement

As part of a Discovery & Strategic Roadmap engagement, Trility helped this client complete a data asset inventory. In that previous contract, the Trility team identified a number of projects centered around Data Maturity including the consolidation, cleanup, and unification of data to provide visibility into where business and sensitive customer data exists and how it is used.   

The client hired Trility to continue as their partner to help gain visibility of data to provide a foundation for implementing secure and modern systems that would help the company address industry challenges and risks, such as preventing data breaches and leveraging business intelligence. In its current state, the client needed to address these challenges to achieve an AM Best A+ rating.

Solution Approach

By working with the client’s stakeholders, Trility advised the client on the formation of a Data Governance team and supported efforts to establish and update data governance policies and procedures. Trility coordinated and led the implementation of OvalEdge, a data catalog and business glossary solution. Trility also advised on the implementation of a modern, enhanced off-site backup solution.

By collaborating with the client’s stakeholders and teams, Trility provided learning sessions and documentation to support adoption and ongoing use of OvalEdge and collaborated with business stakeholders to define data elements for the glossary. 

As part of the implementation, the team identified opportunities for data consolidation and clean-up including: moving or combining Access databases; securing existing data assets; migrating report-only Access databases; consolidating/eliminating duplicate data assets.


This solution enabled the client to pursue innovation and modernization of applications while understanding the impact to industry and business requirements around customer data, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII). By auditing and unifying data across the Enterprise, the client can more securely and effectively roll out new applications.

Other outcomes included:

  • Creation of the initial OvalEdge data catalog 

  • Data lineage for prioritized data assets

  • Documentation to support repeatable patterns and procedures for maintaining high-quality data lineage

  • Business glossary to clearly define data elements

Repeat Client: Trility has served this client on five contracts to date.

Project Attributes

  • Reduced COA
  • Increased Automation
  • Increased Scalability
  • Reusable Patterns
  • Increased Capabilities
  • Documentation
  • Learning Sessions

Technologies Used

  • OvalEdge
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Microsoft File Servers
  • Microsoft Auditing Policies

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