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Credit App Discovery & Redesign

This outdated enterprise credit management system hindered efficiency and decision-making for this energy and utilities client. Trility redefined workflows, enhanced user experience, and developed a system that efficiently delivered the right data to the right people, improving decision-making, and analyst onboarding.

Problem Statement

This client had an outdated credit management system with a poor user interface and teams that relied heavily on tables to store data. By partnering with Trility, they aimed to create a polished, enterprise-grade credit application to streamline operations and enhance the credit team's user experience.

The interface and inefficient workflows made it difficult for credit analysts to quickly access and process necessary information, leading to delays in decision-making and increased effort in daily operations. New hires also had a steep learning curve due to the application's lack of intuitive features, which resulted in extended training times and initial productivity drops.

Facing these challenges, the client recognized the need for advanced design skills and software development expertise to modernize the application.

Solution Approach

To understand user needs, Trility began by conducting thorough stakeholder and end-user interviews to identify user pain points and opportunities for improvement. This initial research was crucial in determining the desired features and capabilities, as well as understanding their importance to the users.

The technical implementation included:

  • Extensive software development, with a significant focus on frontend coding. The team built upon the existing framework to enhance functionality and user experience.

  • Supporting and enforcing architecture and design patterns. The team was deeply involved in the design architecture, creating and using established patterns to ensure consistency and scalability.

  • Collaboration with the client’s development team, ensuring alignment with the credit app project goals. This collaboration helped maintain a cohesive development effort and facilitated knowledge transfer.

Biweekly iteration reviews ensured all stakeholders were informed and aligned on project status.


The redesigned app enhanced the user experience and incorporated a streamlined workflow for day-to-day operations, reducing the number of steps and screens required to make critical credit decisions. As a result, the credit department onboards and trains new analysts more easily, reducing the time and effort to access necessary information. These outcomes collectively resulted in a more user-friendly, efficient, and scalable enterprise credit application, empowering the credit department to perform at a higher level.

Additionally, a comprehensive design system with reusable components was created, making it easier for the client to implement additional features in the future. 

Using agile methodologies, Trility incrementally delivered the updated credit application, ensuring alignment and value at each step. The client team was equipped with agile software development practices and coached to extend and maintain the application independently, ultimately enabling them to perform tasks quickly and easily.

Project Attributes

  • Reduced COO
  • Increased Capabilities
  • Accelerate Delivery
  • Reusable Patterns

Technologies Used

  • .NET
  • C#
  • Angular
  • Typescript
  • Azure

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