Cloud Engineering

Account Provisioning Phase I: Creating a Roadmap

By identifying existing technologies and tools and researching viable future tools, Trility helped create an Account Provisioning Roadmap that detailed the implementation and design for the desired self-service capability for internal customers.

Problem Statement

The technology group focused on information security and risk needed to demonstrate the ability to increase the speed of delivery and ease of use of its tools and processes for internal customers.

Solution Approach

Understanding of an implementation and design plan for a self-service capability that:

  • Allows internal customers to request service accounts

  • Uses a workflow tool that provides the ability to gather needed information (input) via forms or wizard-style experience

  • Provides automation based on input to perform the service account provisioning process

  • Responds to the requesting internal customers with required outputs (i.e. credentials, etc.)

  • Supports auditability, security, and transparency into the provisioning process


The discovery provided a strategic path forward to streamline inefficiencies and address challenges to maintaining a confident security posture. This project did result in a second project where part of this roadmap was implemented.

Project Attributes

  • Increased Automation
  • Increased Scalability
  • Reusable Patterns
  • Increased Security

Technologies Used

  • Sailpoint
  • Vault

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