AI & Data Solutions Architecture Design Workshop

Create an architectural framework to unleash AI & Data solutions

Our custom-tailored workshop is designed for Senior Technology Leaders and Senior Data Professionals interested in better understanding the technical feasibility of applying the power of Microsoft’s Data and AI offerings to solve important problems in their organization. 

Deliverables & Outcomes

You’ll leave with a high-level solution architecture design document and next-step recommendations to advance the AI & Data solutions your company needs to achieve to remain competitive.

  • High-level assessment
  • High-level solution architecture design document
  • Next-step recommendations to advance the AI & Data solutions
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Agenda & Activities

Our Senior Cloud Architects and Data Professionals will collaborate with your team to ensure your deliverables align with your company vision and objectives.

Step 1 | Tailored Problem Understanding

  • Dive deep into your organization's pain points
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your objectives and obstacles

Step 2 | Current State System Analysis

Create a holistic assessment by:

  • Analyzing current data estate and infrastructure
  • Examining multiple aspects to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities
  • Laying the groundwork for crafting a tailored solution architecture

Step 3 | Strategic Solution Design

Armed with insights from problem understanding and system analysis:

  • Design a high-level architecture tailored to solve your prioritized problems
  • Evaluate innovative strategies and cutting-edge Microsoft technologies


Senior Technology Leaders and Senior Data Professionals


Requires 2-6 hours of dedicated time from the parties


Leave with a tailored framework for your business

Why Trility Consulting?

Consistently deliver quality work quickly

Our clients appreciate our ability to quickly complete discoveries and assessments – delivering value early and frequently through our Continuous Delivery Method.

Build repeatable frameworks

You receive observations and recommendations that align with your unique challenges and existing systems and a tailored solution that delivers value and maximizes your investment.

Proven results

Our Net Promoter Score of 92 means the majority of our clients are willing to refer us to other companies.

What Our Clients Say

It’s not common to have a partner be as flexible, adaptable, and responsive as Trility. It’s helping ARS achieve its speed-to-market goals.
– Abby Canfield, ARS Head of Operations
On reporting reduced end-to-end implementation time by 40 percent
Trility brought a tremendous amount of best practices and techniques to the table, like iterative approaches to deployment and development that have enabled other teams and environments that weren’t necessarily related to this project.
– Steve Billingsley, ITA Group Director of Enterprise Architecture

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