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Seeking those who demand more

Trility is looking for people who are constantly searching for a better way. A better way for themselves, for their fellow team members, and for our clients. They have tenacity when it comes to solving complex problems and love building teams, learning the business of our clients, and providing useful solutions.

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Attributes for providing evidential value

We meet clients where they are today and help them go where they would like to go tomorrow. In turn, we treat and expect this of each other. While we seek out people who demonstrate the attributes listed below, we acknowledge that everyone has room to grow and become a better version of themselves daily.

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    Agile approach

    Actively practice and pursue the original principles of the Agile body of knowledge – value people and interactions over processes and tools; deliver working, tested, demonstrable software over documentation; discuss it; directly collaborate with clients; and invite and respond to change.
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    Quality and security-by-design mindset

    Discover, define, and implement repeatable security design patterns to enable compliance surety for our clients.
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    Continuous integration/continuous delivery

    Build CI/CD pipelines on Day 1 to immediately enable our clients to realize secure, predictable, repeatable, and auditable results in ways that are translatable across the enterprise.
  • Code icon

    Everything as code

    Work in public, private, and hybrid cloud scenarios and for the purposes of traceability, security, simplicity, and efficiency, treat everything as code.

Specific Experience a Plus

Professionals who have experience in the following areas have a running start with how our teams succeed together.

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  • Trility icon
    Extreme Programming
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    User Stories
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    Test-Driven Development
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    Pair/Mob Programming
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  • Trility icon
    IaC, EaC, SDx

Our values

Trility culture is built upon the journey, character, and work ethic of our team members. We not only expect great things from our team members on their first day, we expect each member of the team to help grow and strengthen our culture just because of who they are. We are driven and guided by the belief that each of us are lifelong learners, honorable and professional, proactive problem-solvers, and a team.

A culture defined by our people

We don’t like to leave our clients wondering. So as a prospective team member, we want you to hear directly from our people and what they say about life at Trility.

  • I love the opportunity to work in industries I wouldn’t normally get to due to Trility’s global reach and capability to work remotely. Our leaders are approachable and not above a friendly chat or a joke or two. You know you are getting some of the best partners to work with at Trility. Not only do they know their stuff, but you are treated with respect and your opinion matters, no matter your role or position in the company.
    Cora Pruitt / Senior Delivery Manager
  • You can expect variety with the type of work Trility’s clients are pursuing. We aren’t an X shop, we are a “get the job done” shop, which means you’ll have lots of different opportunities to solve challenging problems with various methods.
    Eric Gerling / Senior Cloud Engineer
  • When you come to work at Trility, you are assured of these things: A steady flow of new and challenging problems to solve. An environment where you get to make sense of what you do. And lastly, you do it with the best people and where stupendous client experience is valued.
    Darrin Raffety / Senior Cloud Engineer
  • If you value finding new problems to solve, there are unlimited opportunities to chase down solutions for both the “business” and “technical” side of things at Trility.
    Cory Carlton/ Senior Cloud Engineer
  • This is the best work environment I've ever had. People are honest, trustworthy, respectful, professional. I'm never leaving! I truly appreciate that our leadership has years of hands-on experience developing and implementing solutions for customers, and can easily discuss technical details with customers and developers. The owners of Trility are truly unique. They set the atmosphere, tone, pace, and ethos, and have built an organization that is unique from other organizations.
    Will Rubel / Senior Cloud Engineer
  • There is intentional connection and collaboration, and it especially stands out in remote and pandemic times. And most importantly, it’s not just about work. There are connections via video calls, written word, Slack, emojis, GIFs and the topics range from watercooler conversations, industry news, to how we work better together.
    Doug Belsaas / Senior Delivery Manager
  • I appreciate that our people are curious and open to contrary opinions. Our clients appreciate the overall “get the job done” attitude that is pervasive throughout all of our teams.
    Gerard Forbes / Director of Business Development
  • At Trility, it’s not about filling seats to maximize billable hours, but is about value proposition. We have a culture of smart delivery and internal accountability. By “smart delivery,” I mean that we keep the customer's goals in mind as we deliver on what they’ve asked for and help guide them to alternatives that align with their goals. By “internal accountability,” I mean that we have a lot of high quality team members who expect a lot from each other.
    Mike Schmidt / Vice President of Delivery

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If you share our values and have experience with our attributes, we welcome getting to know you. We are always looking for contributors who love problems and welcome the hard work required to solve them.

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