Creating a predictable, repeatable, auditable way forward

This is how we operate in helping you achieve certainty in business growth and digital innovation. By providing context-driven, agnostic solutions with teams who are both technology and business literate, your company moves forward and is ready to keep innovating.



When you make a digital investment, it must perform in a predictable manner. Processes and systems operate as expected and when expected.



To outperform year over year, every investment must be repeatable. Redundancies are eliminated, activities are streamlined, and everything is scalable.



Lastly, it’s all tracked, measured, and traceable. Data drives innovation and creates risk at the same time. You have to minimize risk while making it usable.

Our ethos equals your aspirations

Putting people first every time

Trility is a people-first solution company and is comprised of seasoned experts who have successfully worked together for more than a decade.

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    Be an Executive Team’s first-choice solution partner to provide specialized teams to solve complex problems.

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    Provide the highest value outcomes for our clients. To accomplish this we attract, train, and retain the best available talent. We foster a culture of integrity and silent success to deliver solutions that directly tie to our clients’ strategic objectives.

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  • Our Team Members

    Maintain the highest personal and professional standards

    • Think for yourself
    • Make decisions and act on them
    • Make commitments and keep them
    • Be more today than yesterday
    • Be astute with client and firm resources
  • Our Clients

    Deliver the highest value to our clients

    • See the world through the eyes of our client
    • Understand the highest value objectives and know when they change
    • Constantly bring options to the table enabling client choices
    • Enable our clients to see, hear and understand so they can decide, act and win
    • Be a trusted advisor, partner and solution provider
  • Our Firm

    Build an extraordinary culture for great people

    • Constantly learn, be teachable, coach and teach others
    • Operate as one team
    • Value others
    • Encourage healthy, constructive debate
    • Foster opportunities for firm, team and individual growth

Always preparing for the next iteration – and generation

Our Leadership

As our client base grows and evolves, so does Trility. Our team is simultaneously focusing on hiring and mentoring the next generation of developers and engineers. We and our clients must be change-ready organizations – constantly learning, solving, and innovating to remain relevant and competitive in the digital economy.

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    Matthew EdwardsChief Executive Officer

    Overhauls failed, failing systems while equipping, honing teams to align operations to shareholder expectations

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    Brenton RothchildChief Operations Officer

    Architects and builds reliable, high-performing teams and systems in distributed environments and implementations

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    Brody DerenChief Strategy Officer

    Leverages business acumen to help clients align their digital investments to high return outcomes

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    Michael SchmidtVice President of Delivery

    Turns stakeholder whims, desires, and dreams into actionable deliverables while managing realistic expectations

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    Alex HartVice President of Risk & Compliance Solutions

    Takes a holistic approach to regulatory, privacy, and security topics – leading organizations through quick change to increase revenue, program delivery

As our company aggressively grew, so too did our operational complexity, number of concurrent projects, and demands on our internal teams. We looked for a company willing to listen, learn about our company, team, and clients and then help us define and implement solutions that serve our customers more quickly and with less friction.

We discussed a number of different operational needs with the Trility teams and leaned on them to innovate different ways to solve some of our most common challenges. We leveraged Trility to build custom software, increase quality behaviors in the operations, automate things previously manual and optimize the data management and flow between many of our systems.

In Trility we found a team who listened, learned, and helped us improve project after project.

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