September 2, 2021

Creating Value in Relationships is No. 1 Priority for New Role

Recruitment is more than matching keyboard skills and expertise to the needs of our clients for Megan Hanna.

Rhonda O'Connor

As a longtime fundraiser in the nonprofit sector, Megan Hanna discovered she had a knack for building solid relationships and creating inclusive communities for donor and volunteer networks. This ability to connect with others and build a culture made her an ideal fit for the recruitment team at Trility Consulting®.

“Non-profit work is very relationship-focused and rewarding, but I realized I desired a position where I could work in a team environment – not just build one,” shared Megan, whose role as a Talent Sourcer is to identify individuals who are interested in delivering solutions with a team instead of being viewed as an “outsourced contractor” to clients.

Megan’s style of learning about others aligns with the values we seek in candidates. For us, it’s more than keyboard skills and expertise. We seek specific attributes that help ensure Trility builds solutions that consistently deliver values and achieve the priorities our clients expect in a predictable, repeatable, and auditable manner.
– Kori Danner / Talent Delivery Manager

When it comes to success, Megan knows it's “95 percent about building that relationship.” Her recipe for doing this is simple: Be transparent by being honest and forthcoming. “I want to know where I stand with others because this helps me grow and learn,” she shared. “So I look to provide the same experience for those who are interested in career opportunities at Trility.”

Along with the team environment Trility offers, Megan was excited about how the culture translates to team members who are geographically distributed around the United States. “I love the opportunity to work remotely but still feel part of a team on a daily basis with the communication tools and resources available.”

Megan’s two dogs, Mason and Kaylee, are also excited to have her working from home. 

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