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Summary Build a minimum viable high-performance mental training mobile app for general availability in time to sell subscriptions for the club and high school volleyball season and discover if there was an appetite for a visualization app in the global sports market.

“We started mental training with our team in 2012 and it was a game-changer for us. It has helped our players gain confidence, calm their nerves in stressful situations, learn strategies to move forward after an error or bad game, and literally gain skill reps by visualizing in their head when we couldn’t do more in the gym. Being the mother of teenage volleyball players, I see daily how much these skills will help youth volleyball players as they navigate the mental game of volleyball. So often, the team that wins the tight set is the team that is mentally strongest at end game. NeuroFuel is training the mind for maximum performance on the volleyball court, and more importantly in life!” – Kirsten Bernthal Booth